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Types & Anti-Types #2

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Lessons Include:

Tree of Life -- Eternal Salvation, Jeff Bates
Jewish Dispersion -- Spiritual Dispersion, Alan Adams
The Rock — Christ’s Provisions, Tom House
The Remnant — The Church, Jimmy Bates
Law of Moses Written on Stone — Law of Christ
Written on the Heart, Clifford Dixon
Church in the Wilderness — Church in the World, Paul Curless
The Temple — The Church, Guyton Montgomery
Cain — The World, Larry Montgomery
Isaac — Christ, Kenneth Burleson
The Ox that Treadeth out the Corn was not Muzzled The Preacher of the Gospel should Live of the Gospel, Terry Joe Kee
Elijah — John the Baptist, Windell Fikes
Solomon — Christ, Randy Kea
Leprosy — Sin, Roger Scully
Sprinkling of Blood on Mercy Seat — Sprinkling of Christ’s Blood in Heaven, Nat Evans
Jeremiah — Christ, Gilbert Gough
Destruction of Jerusalem — Final Judgment, Victor Eskew
Jonah — Christ, Jimmy Young
Manna from Heaven — Christ Come Down from Heaven, Rodney Hilliard
Physical Adultery — Spiritual Adultery, Don Greene
Circumcision — The Sanctified Life, Tom Snyder
Unclean Things of the Levitical Law Unclean Things of the New Testament, Melvin Sapp
Surrender to Babylon — Surrender to Christ, Charles Blair
Tower of Babel — Pentecost and Following, Walter Pigg
Idolatry — Covetousness, J. C. Watkins
Joshua — Christ, Rick Knoll
The Valley of Hinnom — Gehenna, Jared Knoll
Passover Feast — The Christian Life, Virgil Hale
Crossing Jordan — Death, Garland Robinson

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