The Next Generation

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Cade Somers - The Seed is the Word of God

Ken Burleson - The Teaching Program of the Church

Ed White - The Design of Worship

Guy Hester - There is One Body

Alan Adams - Christ is the Head of the Church

Ferrell Hester - The Names of the Church

Bob Hawkins - Role of Women in Public Worship

Virgil Hale - The Essentiality of Baptism

Garland Robinson - Can a Child of God be Lost?

Robert Taylor - Reverence for the Word of God

Glen Page - Observance of the Lord's Supper

Ken Burleson - Giving

Robert Taylor - Which Bible do we use?

Ronnie Whittemore - Music in the Church

Virgil Hale - Organization of the Church

Larry Reynolds - Deviloping Future Elders (Elders)

Mark Reynolds - Deviloping Future Leaders (Deacons)

Sidney White - The Kingdom has been Established

Ronnie Whittemore - The Work of the Holy Spirit

Garland Robinson - Denominations are Sinful

Glen Page - Man is not Saved by Faith Alone

Bob Hawkins - Evangelism begins with us

Sidney White - Seeking the Kingdom First

Gary Colley - Never let it Slip

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