The Race that is Set Before Us

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Lessons Include:

An Overview Of The Book Of Hebrews -- Ferrell Hester
Background รพ Hebrews 11 -- Kenneth Burleson
The Race That Is Set Before Us -- John M. Grubb
We Can Be Successful In Running The Race -- Guy F. Hester
The Race Demands Patience -- Ferrell Hester
The Laborers Are Few (What Can We Do To Get Local Brethren More Involved?) -- Garland M. Robinson
The Race Demands Keeping Our Eye on the Goal -- James W. Boyd
Obstacles To The Race: The New Hermeneutic And New Unity Movement -- Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
What Can We Do To Evangelize The World? -- Garland M. Robinson
The Challenge Of Becoming All Things To All Men Without Compromising The Faith -- Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
The Race Demands Humility -- Guy Hester
Multiplying Ministries Movement -- Holger Neubauer
The Spirit Of Compromise Among Us -- Ronnie Whittemore
The Problem Of Immorality In The Modern World -- James W. Boyd
The Challenge Of Maintaining The Home -- Ronnie Whittemore
Hindrances To World Evangelism -- Holger Neubauer
The Race Demands Keeping A Proper Attitude -- Dean Buchanan
Overcoming Persecution In Running The Race -- Kenneth Burleson
The Race Demands An Unwavering Faith -- Joe Gilmore
The Hindrance Of Discouragement And How To Overcome It - - Dean Buchanan
The Challenge Of Maintaining Our Personal Bible Study And Prayer -- Gary Colley
False Concepts Of Church Growth And Modern Missionary Societies -- John M. Grubb
Christ, Our Perfect Example In Running The Race -- Joe Gilmore, Jr.
Obtaining the Crown -- Gary Colley

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