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Covenants 2006

Covenants 2006 Image

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2006, Garfield Heights Lectureship

Darrell Beard - The Covenant with Nature
Guy Hester - The Covenant with Man
Ken Burleson - The Moral Covenant
John Grubb - Replinish the Earth
Alan Adams - God's Covenant with Israel
Virgil Hale - God's Covenant through the 10 Commandments
Roger Scully - Take the Land!
Garland Robinson - Purpose of the First Covenant
Ronnie Whittemore - The Tabernacle
Ken Burleson - The Priesthood
Robert Taylor - Animal Sacrifices
John Grubb - The Fault with the First Covenant
James Boyd - Feast Days
Robert Taylor - Removal of the First Covenant
Mark Reynolds - The Second Covenant
Darrell Beard - The Temple
Phil Davis - Priesthood of Believers
Ronnie Whittemore - Coming Together
Sidney White - Service to God
Jack Phillips - Husbands and Wives
Sidney White - Parents
Garland Robinson - Children
Virgil Hale - Grandparents
Gary Colley - My Covenant with God

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