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The Next Generation 2008

The Next Generation 2008 Image


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2008, Garfield Heights Lectureship

This book is the 27th Annual Garfield Heights Lectureship book (now the Stop 11 Road church of Christ Lectureship) in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was held in 2008. Sixteen different authors. It is a paper back of 234 pages.

Lessons includes:

1) the Seed is the Word of God,

2) the Teaching program of the church,

3) the Design of Worship,

4) the One Body,

5) Christ is the head of the church,

6) he names of the church,

7) Role of women in worship,

8) Baptism is essential,

9) a child of God fall away and be lost,

10) Reverence for the word of God,

11) the Lord's supper,

12) Giving,

13) what Bible do we use,

14) the music of the church,

15) the Organization of the church,

16) Elders,

17) Deacons,

18) the Kingdom has been established,

19) the Work of the Holy Spirit,

20) Denominations are sinful,

21) Salvation is not by faith alone,

22) Evangelism,

23) Seeking the Kingdom first,

24) Never let is slip.

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