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The Church PDF MSBook87

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This is the 1987 Lectureship book of the Annual Mississippi Lectures. It sold out years ago, but is available as a searchable "PDF." -- When you order it we will send it to the email listed on your PayPal account.

The Mission of the Church, 81 pages

Lessons Include:
To Know And Love The Truth — Curtis Cates
Seeking First The Kingdom — David Brown
God’s Mission For The Church In Glorifying God — Roger Jackson
Concerning Preaching — Charles Blair
Membership Is Necessary — Jim West
Concerning Restoring the Lost/Fallen — Jimmy Bates
I Timothy 2:9-15 Textual Study (Ladies Only) — Irene Taylor
Concerning Fellowship — Tom House
Concerning Withdrawal of Fellowship — Bill Graddy
God’s Mission For The Church — David Jones
Concerning The Modern Versions — Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
The Effect of The Home On God’s Mission — Windell Fikes
Evangelism — The Book of Acts — Arlis Richardson
Responsibilities And Work Of A Deacon — Terry Joe Kee
The Christian Wife And Mother (Ladies Only) — Maggie Colley
Preachers: Their Qualifications And Work — Max Miller
Elders Qualifications: Positive — Grady Miller
Elders Qualifications: Negative — Gilbert Gough
The So-called “New Hermeneutics” — Dub McClish
In Worship — Gary Colley
In Submission To Christ — Calvin Barber
As Seen In The Life Of Christ — Wally Scaife
Older & Younger Women’s Responsibilities (Ladies Only) — Grace Young
Misconceptions Of God’s Mission For The Church — Tom Bright
Regarding Benevolence — Frank Young
As The Pillar And Ground Of The Truth — John Stewart
Concerning Grace And Law — Jerry Moffitt
God’s Mission Includes All The Members — Ed White
The Church — Kingdom Aspects — Clyde Mize
Responsibility Of The Elders To The Congregation — R. J. Hearn
Responsibility Of The Congregation To The Elders — Garland Elkins
As Salt And Light — Melvin Sapp
The Mission Of The Church Is Worldwide — Robert Lambert
Concerning II John 9-11 — James Boyd
God’s Mission Does Not Change In A Changing World — J. Noel Merideth

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