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For Tapes and DVDs contact:Jim Green, www.jgreencoc-video-ministry.comLESSON TOPICS:
Cade Somers - Cain

Mark Reynolds - Enos

John Grubb - Abraham

Ken Burleson - Lot

Alan Adams - Esau

Virgil Hale - Korah

John Grubb - Joseph (Husband of Mary)

Guy Hester - Esther

Ronnie Whittemore - Jeremiah

Robert Taylor - Elijah

Roger Scully - Joshua

Phil Davis - Joseph (son of Jacob)

Robert Taylor - Peter & Judas

Garland Robinson - Felix & Agrippa

Sidney White - Paul

Bob Hawkins - Demas & Luke

Ferrell Hester - Hymenaeus and Alexander

Virgil Hale - Build or Destroy

Ronnie Whittemore - Forgiveness

Garland Robinson - Knowledge & Ignorance

Mark Reynolds - Love & Hate

Ken Burleson - Faithfulness & Departing

Sidney White - Worldliness

Gary Colley - I have Decided to Follow Jesus

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