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Mountains / Valleys 2023

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(25 black & white photos) This book is the 42nd Annual Stop 11 Road Church of Christ Lectureship (2023) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bible lessons are drawn from events that occurred in and around Mountains and Valleys of the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. It has 293 pages. This book is also available with the photos in COLOR.Lessons learned from historical accounts at these places 15-19, 23-24 are not actual places.

1. Mountains of Ararat -- Jarrod Lemon
2. Mount Seir -- Bob Hawkins
3. Mount Moriah-Jireh -- Jim Blankenship4. Mount Gilead -- Ronnie Whittemore
5. Mount Abarim / Nebo Pisgah -- Scott Wiley
6. Mount Horeb / Sinai -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.
7. Mount Zion -- Jarrod Lemon
8. Mount Gerizim -- Tony Lawrence
9. Mount Bethel (Luz) -- Garland Robinson
10. Mount Ephraim -- Tony Lawrence
11. Mount Carmel -- James Boyd
12. Mount of Beatitudes -- Jim Blankenship
13. Mount of Olives -- Tom House
14. Mount Calvary / Golgotha -- Bill Boyd
15. The Mountain of God’s House (the church of Christ) -- Garland Robinson
16. Mountain of God’s Strength -- Scott Wiley
17. Mountain of God’s Righteousness -- Bill Boyd
18. Mountain of Trials -- Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
19. Mountain of Wealth -- Bob Hawkins
20. Valley of Siddim -- Tom House
21. Valley of Hinnom -- Bill Boyd
22. Valley of Megiddo -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.
23. Valley of Despair -- Charles Blair
24. Valley of Decision -- Ronnie Whittemore
25. The Plan of Salvation in the book of Acts (Chart)
26. Baptism Stands Between (Chart)
27. The Church Is, The Church Is Not (Chart)

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