God Is...

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Lessons Include:

Ferrell Hester - God Is
Guy Hester - God is Creator
Alan Adams - God is Unchanging
Ken Burleson - Godliness
Ken Burelson - God is One who Remembers
Phil Davis - God Does Not Lie
Dean Buchanon - God is Good
Virgil Hale - God is Kind
Charles Blair - God is Salvation
Robert Taylor - God is Faithful
James Boyd - God is Gracious
Kent Bailey - God is Provider
Robert Taylor - God is Love
James Boyd - God is Spirit
Dean Buchanon - God is Patient
Garland Robinson - God is All-Seeing
Virgil Hale - God is All-Knowing
Ronnie Whittemore - God is Holy
Sidney White - God is No Respector
Jack Phillips - God is Ruler
Charles Leonard - God is Angry
Sidney White - God Cares
Charles Leonard - God is Judge
Gary Colley - God is Rewarder

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