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Lessons Include:

Jim Blankenship - Jesus and the Lost
Guy Hester - The Great Commission
Alan Adams - The Grace of God
Ken Burleson - Faithful unto Death
Charles Blair - Gospel to Ephesus
Sidney White - Blood of Christ
Don Greene - Gospel to Corinth
Charles Leonard - Samaritans / Simon
James Boyd - Cornelius
Raymond Hagood - Saul
Dean Buchanan - Lydia
Phil Davis - Philippian Jailer
Robert Taylor - Day of Pentecost
Jerry Moffitt - Another Gospel
Jack Phillips - Sergius Paulus
Darrell Beard - Hearing / Believing
Kent Bailey - Repentance / Confession
Garland Robinson - Baptism
Virgil Hale - Family Ties
Ferrell Hester - Felix
Mark Bass - Agrippa
Nat Evans - Thief on the Cross
Gilbert Gough - What Must I do to be Saved?
Gary Colley - Why Tarriest Thou?

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