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50 Sermons by Charles M. Blair

50 Sermons by Charles M. Blair Image

Lessons Include:

Call To Courage
A Changing Of The Guard
A Conversation With Jesus
A Convert
A Cry For The Unborn
A Cry For The Unborn (Part II)
A Glass Darkly
A Prayer Of Unity
A Visit At Night
Aim For the Stars
All Things Work Together
Association With God
Association With God (Part II)
Behold, The Man
Believing A Lie
Binding Satan
Breaking Bread
Building A Life
Building A Temple
Covenants Of God
Dancing And Other Sins
Drifting From God
Faith Based Evidence
Hatred, Despisers Of Those That Are Good
House On The Rock And Sand
I Sinned Against Heaven
Jesus As A Teenager
Jesus As A Teenager (Part II)
Looking For A Lost Church
Mark On The Forehead
None Of His
Our Responsibility To The Shepherds
Regret or Renew
Securing The Young
Setting The Captive Free
Suicide And Assisted Suicide
The Basis, Boundary, And Benefits Of Fellowship
The Blood Of Christ
The Denominations Of Men
The Events Of The Last Day
The Offence Of The Cross
The Need For Zeal In Serving Christ
The Trial Of Error
That Which Defiles
What Will God Do

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