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God Is Love -- Jarrod Lemon

Willing And Obedient -- Bob Hawkins

Unworthily -- Brandon Baggett

Giving -- Sidney White

Then Will I Visit -- Gordon Wonsey

Repent Or Else -- Scott Wiley

Blessing Or Curse -- Bob Hawkins

Between Two Ideals -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.

The Land Defiled -- Garland M. Robinson

Do Not Forget God -- Philip Davis

Purge Ourselves -- Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

Seek The Kingdom -- Kyle Lemon

In You And Abound -- Charles Blair

Lacking -- Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

Respect Of Persons -- Steven Jaggers

Study -- Kyle Lemon

Cannot Be Restored -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.

Made Lighter -- Ronnie Whittemore

If Ye Love Me -- Garland M. Robinson

Ignorance -- Philip Davis

Falling From Grace -- Brandon Baggett

If My People -- Jarrod Lemon

Vengeance -- Sidney White

Lukewarm -- Ronnie Whittemore

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