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In God's Eyes 2022

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1. Entrance Of The World -- Jarrod Lemon2. Jesus, Absolute Authority -- Ronnie Whittemore3. The Church Before The World -- Bob Hawkins4. God And Law -- Tom House5. Gambling -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.6. Will Not Work -- Jim Blankenship7. Pay What You Can -- Tim Hester8. Creation -- Tim Hester9. Man Over Earth / Climate Change -- Bill Boyd10. Atheism -- Garland M. Robinson11. Communism -- Justin Paschall12. Humanism -- Justin Paschall13. Cannot Know We Are Saved -- Bill Boyd14. Once Saved, Always Saved -- Garland M. Robinson15. Marriage / Man And Woman -- Bill Boyd16. Divorce -- Jarrod Lemon17. Men With Men / Women With Women -- Jim Blankenship18. Children And The Home -- Garland M. Robinson19. Many Ways To Heaven -- Tom House20. Giving Of Money -- Scott P. Wiley21. Singing -- Bob Hawkins22. The Way That Cannot Be Wrong -- Charles Blair23. Faithful Unto Death -- Ronnie WhitteConversions in Acts (Chart)The Church of Christ (Chart)

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