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Miracles of Jesus 1993

Miracles of Jesus 1993 Image

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Hard Back -- Lessons Include:

The Virgin Birth of Jesus -- Buster Dobbs
The Transfiguration -- Ken Burleson
The Fig Tree that Bore no Fruit -- Charlres Blair
A Withered Hand Restored -- John Grubb
Peter's Wife's Mother Healed -- Ferrell Hester
Turning Water into Wine -- Guy Hester
Feeding Five Thousand -- Charles Blair
Jesus' Resurrection -- Ferrell Hester
Lazarus Raised from the Dead -- Guy Hester
Nobleman's Son Healed -- Garland Robinson
Ten Lepers Healed -- Ken Burleson
Jesus Walks on Water -- Dan Jenkins
Centurion's Servant Healed -- John Brackin
Stormy Sea Calmed -- Dan Jenkins
Widow's Son Raised from the Dead -- John Grubb
Why we Believe Miracles -- Buster Dobbs
Jesus Appeared to Hundreds after his Resurrection -- Garland Robinson
Woman's Issue of Blood -- John Brackin
Why Jesus Performed Miracles -- Gary Colley
Have Miracles Ceased? -- Gary Colley

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