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Christian Evidences

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Topics Include:

28 Lessons, 136 pages...
Alan Adams -- The Need for the Study of Christian Evidences (Apologetics)
Jimmy Bates -- God's Plan for Unity among Men
Guy Hester -- The Unity of the Bible
Windell Fikes -- Creation or Evolution
George Brill -- Jesus is the Son of God
Serman Offord -- Atheism
Lenard Hogan -- Agnosticism
Luell McCutchen -- Does Faith have an Element of Doubt?
Ken Burleson -- The History and Doctrines of Humanism
Garland Robinson -- Evidences of the Lord's Resurrection
Dan Bailey -- Can we Trust the Bible?
Dewey Medlin -- The Impact of Evolution on Families
Dean Sanders -- Evolution: Animals, Insects, Birds & Atmosphere
Tom House -- Humanism: Education, Music & Freedom in Sexuality
Gilbert Gough -- Fulfilled Prophecy
Mike Kiser -- Evolution: Gap Theory, Fossils & Bones, The Days of Creation
David Stevenson -- Does God Exist?
Walter Pigg -- Evidence of the Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch
Jeffery Orr -- The Bibe & Science
Tom Snyder -- Alleged Contradictions in the Bible
Victor Eskew -- Preparing our Children for the Teaching of Evolution in Colleges & Universities
Charles Blair -- Inspiration of the Bible
Marlin Kilpatrick -- Humanism: Ethics, Values Clarification & The Bible
Bill Crossno -- The Canon of the Bible
Bobby Carey -- What about Theistic Evolution?
Robert Oliver -- What does the Bible Claim for Itself?
Max Miller -- The Bible & Archaeology
Clifford Dixon -- Establishing Biblical Authority

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