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Responsibilities as a Member to the Local Church

Responsibilities as a Member to the Local Church Image


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Lessons Include:

28 Lessons, 118 Pages...
A Member must Love the Local Church, Victor Eskew
The Essentiality of Local Church Membership, Alan Adams
Members are to use their Talents, Kenneth Burleson
Faithful Attendance in all Assemblies, Marlin Kilpatrick
Must have an Evangelistic Zeal, Carl Bunn
Must be a Good Influence, Ryan Manning
Must not bring Shame and Reproach upon the church, Jared Knoll
Each Member Owes to the church a Proportionate Amount of Time, Rick Knoll
Must Know, Esteem, and Submit to the Eldership, Roger Campbell
Elders must be willing to Take Care of the church of God, Ben F. Vick
One must Give as he has been Prospered, Lenard Hogan
Keep Unspotted from the World, Aaron Purvis
Each member must Grow in Knowledge, Adam Comeaux
Must Strive to be Rooted and Grounded in the Truth, Jacob Campbell
Promote Peace, Harmony, Unity and Good Will, Charles Blair
Each member must be willing to be Corrected and Disciplined, Tom House
A member has the Responsibility to be Dependable, Kevin Flowers
Must have a Benevolent Spirit, Edward White
Members must show Mutual Respect, Clint Harper
Deacons must have a Willingness to Serve, Tom Snyder
Must have a Willingness to Yield in Matters of Judgment, Sidney White
Each member is to Reverence and Participate in Corporate Worship, Virgil Hale
Ye are Members in Particular, Bob Carey
Help others Bear their Burdens, Paul Curless
A member has the Responsibility to have a Sense of Mutuality, Robert Alexander
Must have an Unwillingness to be Offended, Joel Wheeler
A member Owes the local church his Family, Garland Robinson
Younger Respect the Older and the Older Teach the Young, Melvin Sapp

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