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Who Is The Lord?

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Lessons Include:

28 Lessons, 104 Pages...
I Am That I Am, Jimmy Bates
He Is The Creator, First Born, Alan Adams
He Is The True Vine, Kenneth Burleson
He Is The Good Shepherd, Jeff Bates
He Is The Light Of The World, Robert Alexander
He Is The Door Of The Sheep, Windell Fikes
He Is The Bread of Life, Don Tate
He Is the Son of Man, Marlin Kilpatrick
He Is The Lamb Of God, Roger Campbell
He Is The Word, Tom House
He Is The Head Of The Church, Cade Somers
He Is Emmanuel, John Cotham
He Is The Lord, Paul Curless
He Is The Spiritual Rock, David Lemmons
He Is The Lion Of Judah, Billy Lambert
He Is The Prince Of Peace, Freddie Clayton
He Is The Chief Corner Stone, Rick Knoll
He Is The Savior, Ryan Manning
He Is He That Searcheth The Reins And Hearts, Tom Snyder
He Is The Bright And Morning Star, Jared Knoll
He Is The Resurrection And Life, Sidney White
He Is The Christ, Gilbert Gough
He Is The Son Of God, Bob Carey
He Is The Almighty God, Richard Guill
He Is The Foundation, Guyton Montgomery
He Is The Sun Of Righteousness, Randy McQuade
He Is The Way, The Truth And The Life, Charles Blair
He Is The Alpha And Omega, The First And Last, Garland Robinson

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