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Types & Anti-Types #1

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Lessons Include:

24 Lessons, 80 Pages...
Alan Adams - The Value of Studying Types and Antitypes
Guy Hester - Types and Antitypes Defined
Ken Burleson - Salvation from: Bondage to Egypt and Bondage to Sin
Michael Shepherd - Joseph, Christ
Paul Curless - Adam, Christ
Jamie Hampton - Ark, Church
Mike Kiser - Old Testament Priests, New Testament Priests
Charles Leonard - Taberncle, Church
Garland Robinson - II Cor. 3: Old Law, New Law
Garland Robinson - Scapegoat, Christ
Gilbert Gough - Sabbath Rest, Heavenly Rest
Donald LaRocque - Elijah, John the Baptist
Charles Leonard - Gal. 4:24-31: Sarah, Hagar
L. E. Wishum - David, Christ
Guy Hester - Melchisedec, Christ
Windell Fikes - Incense, Prayer
Calvin Pugh - Moses, Christ
Virgil Hale - Flood, Baptism
Gilbert Gough - Passover Lamb, Christ
Clint Harper - Blood of Animals, Blood of Christ
Nathan McCall - Valley of Hinnom, Gehenna
Virgil Hale - Passover Feast, Lord's Supper
Mike Kiser - Serpent in the Wilderness, Christ
Victor Eskew - Canaan, Heaven

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