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Some Things By Which We Are Saved

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Jim Green, www.jgreencoc-video-ministry.com

Lessons Include:

Things which God has Prepared for Them that Love Him, Alan Adams
Saved by the Providence of God, Victor Eskew
Saved by Maintaining Christian Virtues, Kenneth Burleson
Saved by God the Father, Jimmy Bates
Saved by Hearing the Word of God, Robert Oliver
Saved by Christ the Son, Edward White
Saved by Faithful Use of Talents, Jeff Bates
Saved by Forsaking All, Tom Snyder
Saved by the Word of God, Ben F. Vick, Jr.
Saved by Works, Sidney White
Saved by Forgiving Others, Jim Lewis
Saved by Faith, Windell Fikes
Saved by Confession, Guyton Montgomery
Saved by Enduring to the End, Damon Lundy
Saved by Baptism, Roger Campbell
Saved by Grace, Tom House
Saved by Putting off the Works of the Flesh, Marlin Kilpatrick
Saved by the Blood of Christ, Joel Wheeler
Saved by Repentance, Cade Somers
Saved by the Holy Spirit, Jared Knoll
Saved by Loving the Brotherhood, Virgil Hale
Saved by Hope, Melvin Sapp
Saved by Putting the Kingdom of God First, Rick Knoll
Saved by the Death of Christ, Paul Curless
Saved by the Resurrection of Christ, Caleb Campbell
Saved by Preaching the Gospel, Don Green
Saved by Divine Love, Garland Robinson
Saved by Obedience, Charles Blair

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