Promises Kept, Heaven Assured

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Alan Adams - Seed of Woman

Ed White - Open Up The Windows of Heaven

Guy Hester - I Will Never Leave thee nor Forsake Thee

Ken Burleson - Whatsoever he Does will Prosper

Kenneth McClain - Messiah Comes / He will Tell us all Things

Bob Hawkins - Poor in Spirit / Theirs is the Kingdom

Roger Scully - Those that Mourn / Be Comforted

Mark Reynolds - The Meek / Inhabit the Earth

Ben F. Vick, Jr. - Those who Hunger and Thirst

Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Merciful Obtain Mercy

Philip Davis - Peacemakers / Children of God

Glen Page - Ask / Receive / Seek / Find

Robert R. Taylor, Jr. - Wisdom / Ask of God

Garland M. Robinson - Barren Nor Unfruitful (in the Knowledge of God)

Ed White - Continues in the Law of Liberty

Mark Reynolds - Planting, Watering; God Gives the Increase

Bob Hawkins - Soweth Bountifully

Sidney White - Promise to You; Children, all that are Afar off

Ronnie Whittemore - Is Law Against the Promise of God?

Garland M. Robinson - There Am I in the Midst of Them

Ben F. Vick, Jr. - Touched by the Feelings of our Infirmities

Ken Burleson - Ye Shall Know the Truth

Ronnie Whittemore - Taking Vengeance

Sidney White - Crown of Righteousness / Promise of Heaven

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