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Introduction to the Book of JAMES
Wendell Fikes

Being a Part of God’s Family (Brethren, 1:2)
Charles Blair

Joy (1:2)
Bill Davis (Pensacola)

Temptation (1:2)
Ivie Powell

Faith (1:3,6)
Jeff Bates

Proper Regard for Self (1:9-10)
Ken Butterworth

Awareness of Sin (1:13-16)
Wayne Cox

Respect for the Word of God (Ladies only)
Tammi Stephenson

Respect for the Word of God (1:18-25)
Lance Foster

Proper Regard for God (1:17-19)
Kenneth Burleson

An Imaginary Religion (1:26)
Victor Eskew

A Life of Service (1:27)
David Wade

Proper Regard for Others (2:1-9)
Barry O’Dell

Law, Mercy and Judgment (2:10-13)
Tom Snyder

Responsibility to Teach (Older/Younger) (Ladies only)
Irene Taylor

Faith and Works (2:14-26)
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

Responsibility to Teach (3:1)
Brandon Baggett

Attention to Our Speech (3:2-12)
Bill Davis (Jacksonville)

The Use of True Wisdom (3:13-18)
Michael Roberts

An Absence of Ungodly Strife (4:1-5)
Jared Knoll

Humility, Solution of Ungodly Strife (4:6-10)
Dan Wheeler

Resolve to Control our Speech (Ladies only)
Nina House

Proper Speech Toward Brethren (4:11,12)
Jimmy Bates

God is Our Planning (4:13-17)
Tom House

Proper Regard for Material Things (5:1-5)
Ronnie Whittemore

Patience (5:7-12)
Joel Wheeler

Prayer (5:13a)
Edward White

Support for One Another (5:16)
Ron Gilbert

Restoring the Erring (5:19-20)
Garland Robinson

A Religion that Makes a Difference
Larry Acuff

A Journey
Sidney White

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