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Fundamentals of the Plan of Salvation

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What must one do in order to be saved? This is a question often asked by those earnestly seeking to fulfill God’s plan. As various views are presented in the religious world as to the answer, most of which are in contradiction to each other, confusion abounds in the minds those seeking the truth. In this small volume on “FUNDAMENTALS,” the terms of obedience God set forth in the New Testament are examined. The lessons are in full outline form for the purpose of making the message simple and easier to study.

The material in this book is designed to equip any who are of the age of accountability to understand God’s plan. There may be some who are studying with others in personal Bible studies; this book will offer some aid in examining any one of the steps of obedience. If there are those who on their own are seeking the answers to the question asked above, this book will help guide you through the study. It is a Bible question, [Acts 16:30], and deserves a Bible answer.

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"Fundamentals of God's Plan of Salvation"

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